M A R I S A   M A N S O
b. 1986

M.F.A   2015   Yale School of Art, Painting and Printmaking
B.F.A   2008   Rhode Island School of Design, Painting

2015-16   Fine Arts Work Center (FAWC), Fellowship. Provincetown, MA
2009        Toos Neger. Artist Residency. Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Select Exhibitions
2018     Synkra Intergalactic Library, Specialist. Seattle, WA

2017     Forever +22, Specialist. Seattle, WA
               Tricks, Toys and Joys,*solo show, OV Project Space. Portland, OR
               Warm Welcome, Mt.Baker. Seattle, WA
               Migratory Paths, Tashiro Kaplan. Seattle, WA

2016 American Painting Today, V2. Seattle, WA
             GIANT APPETITES, Bonfire Gallery. Seattle, WA
             Lie About the Future, but Don't Lie About the Past, Hudson D. Walker Gallery. Provincetown, MA
             FAWC Fellows, Provincetown Arts Association Museum (PAAM), Provincetown, MA

2015    Handmade Abstract, BRIC Arts Media, Brooklyn, NY
             Yale MFA Painting and Printmaking, Garis & Hahn Gallery, New York, NY    
             2,015 But Who's Counting, Green Hall Gallery, Yale School of Art. New    
Haven, CT
             January, Mixed Greens Gallery, New York, NY

2014    ROCK/PAPER/SCISSOR/SPOCK Green Hall Gallery, Yale School of Art. New
Haven, CT    
             MFA 2015, Green Hall Gallery, Yale School of Art. New Haven, CT
             Fresh Mud Pies Sitting on the Windowsill (curated by Levi Easterbrook), Sub- Samson. Boston, MA
            A Whole Little Hill, *two person show with Francesca Lohmann, Experimental Gallery. Tjaden Hall, Ithaca, NY

2013    First Year Exhibition, Green Hall Gallery, Yale School of Art. New Haven, CT
2012    Convergences. NARS Foundation Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC
2011    Bridges, Trees, Skulls, Pies and Other Treasure Trails, NARS Foundation Gallery.          Brooklyn, NYC
2009    Paintings, *solo show, Pictura Gallery. Dordrecht, The Netherlands
2008     Art Square Party. Le Bouche A Oreille, Brussels, Belgium
               ‘&#”! , *two person show with Scott Thompson. Benson Hall Gallery, 
Providence, RI. USA
             Untitled, Memorial Hall Painting Gallery. Providence, RI. USA
2007    Painting Biennial. Woods Gerry Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. USA

2015    Plagens, Peter. “Yale, RISD MFAs Go on Display”, The Wall Street Journal, 
     July 17

              “January” Mixed Greens, Press Release Jan.15

              “The Artists of January, Part 1”, The Pit, Mixed Greens Gallery Blog

2014     Easterbrook, Levi. “Fresh Mud Pies Sitting on the Windowsill”,, Aug. 15 

2012    Wenzler, Vivian. “Featured Artist”, NARS Foundation Blog, Dec. 27




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